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Avoiding The Dangers Of Blowouts At Drilling Rig Sites

The dangers that exist at an oil rig site can be great when proper precautions are not taken to prevent unwanted incidents, especially when it comes to blowouts. Oil rig blowouts can cause devastating property and environmental damage, and enormous loss of life. Learn more about some of the precautions you and your rig workers […]

Send Productivity Skyrocketing With An Overhead Crane

Many mechanical engineers are now recommending the use of overhead cranes over forklifts or mobile cranes. Why? The versatility of the overhead crane saves time and money. It is also safer than other types of cranes. The overhead crane is commonly used in the automobile and steel industries because of its proven efficiency. What Does […]

Electric Shock First Aid: Information For DIYers Doing Electrical Construction Work

Electrical construction can be dangerous work for an untrained person. When constructing a home or taking on a major renovation, the only safe course of action is to hire a certified electrician with a background in electrical construction. If you choose to handle the electrical work personally or with other DIYers, it’s important that everyone […]

Great Products For The DIY Roofer

If you are the DIY type of person, you may get the itch to repair your roof. In order to make this type of project go as smoothly as possible, you will need these things: Roll-Off Steel Dumpster If you are replacing all of the shingles, you are going to need a designated area to […]